Several years ago Chris helped us by setting up the IT network at Beacon House. As our service has changed and grown, our IT needs needed to be updated and responsive.

When I spoke to Chris about our needs I was immediately reassured by his positive reactions. He had a hopeful friendly reaction which assured me that solutions could be found, which is refreshing from the standard head-shaking problem-based responses from some IT support companies. His language was plain English and very understandable. He enabled me to understand the problem and the proposed solution in a way that I could explain to other non-technical people.

Chris prepared a clear logical process which showed which steps had to be taken, and in which order. He was extremely supportive in his research to find and negotiate the correct hardware and software at the best possible prices.

Chris has implemented changes in line with the proposed project plan, and he arranges times to undertake the work which are convenient to a busy drop-in day centre environment. The trust that I placed in him from the initial meeting has not been misplaced. He is very cheerful and accommodating in his support.

Yours sincerely
Chief Executive Officer